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If you have ever been in the hospital for any reason, you probably had valium (Diazapam). The reason I say this is because Valium is used for many different things such as; insomnia, seizures, muscle spasms, anxiety, and alcohol withdrawal. What people donít realize is that Valium is used to reduce tension or induce sleep which is why many doctors use it.

Valium has some side effects, as do all medications, and you should consider them before starting a treatment program involving it. Valium can be addictive and habit forming so it must always be taken exactly as instructed by your doctor to avoid these situations. Valiumís effectiveness is also reduced when it is taken for extended periods of time because it is possible for the body to develop a tolerance for it and ever increasing dosages will be required to achieve the same results. For this reason, Valium is normally only given for a short period of time and is meant to be a temporary solution only.

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Because of the way Valium affects the body it is possible that some people may experience dizziness, a loss of balance, and impaired coordination so those taking it should avoid activities such as driving a car. Those taking Valium may also not receive the full benefit of sleep and may wake up tired the next morning even after sleeping all night.

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Generic Diazepam 10mg